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National Seashore Open Despite Shutdown

Padre Island National Seashore remains open despite shutdown of federal government services. Courtesy photo

Beachgoers and campers can still enjoy a winter on the beach at the Padre Island National Seashore despite an ongoing shutdown of federal government services. However, activities such as camping and tours are limited.

While park roads, lookouts, and trails at the national seashore remain accessible to visitors, emergency and rescue services are limited. Malaquite Campground is closed due to public health and sanitation concerns as there is no trash pickup or restroom maintenance during the shutdown.

Also on hold are services that include public information and facilities and roads maintenance. National Park Service social media and websites are not being updated or monitored either, so conditions are no longer current.

Bird tours and ranger talks have been canceled.

Those already camping when the shutdown occurred will not be asked to leave unless conditions merit it, according to a National Park Service media release.

The shutdown began Friday, Dec. 21, but, because of holiday schedules, Wednesday, Dec. 26, was its first full day. Federal offices were forced to close when President Donald Trump refused to approve a congressional spending bill unless it included $5 billion for a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico.

While staff-level discussions continue on how to end the impasse, congressional leaders and the president are not currently negotiating. This is the third government shutdown this year. The first two were in January and February.

For information on how the shutdown has affected other federal services in Corpus Christi, visit Corpus Christi Business News.

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