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Hunting and Fishing License Deadline August 31

Hunting feral hogs requires an up-to-date hunting license, which expires August 31, but otherwise, they can be hunted anytime. Texas Parks and Wildlife has no specific season for hunting or trapping feral hogs.

To hunt or fish in Texas, you need to buy an annual hunting and/or fishing license, which expires each year on August 31. Outdoor sports enthusiasts with an interest in land and water can opt for super-combo hunting and all-water (fresh and salt) fishing package. Discounts are available for veterans with disabilities and seniors.

Dove, duck, deer, and turkey hunting seasons begin soon, just after the license expiration dates. To legally aim a gun at a dove when the season opens September 1 in the North and Central Zones, you will need a new 2019-20 hunting license. The South Zone season begins September 14 and runs through November 3. A second season runs December 20, 2019-January 23, 2020. Additional days for a special white-winged dove season are September 1, 2, 7, and 8 (special regulations apply).

Hunting and fishing licenses and packages can be purchased on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website. The webpage includes links to general license information, regulations, hunting stamps and permits, and fishing stamps and tags.

One hundred percent of the cost of hunting and fishing licenses go to TPWD’s conservation programs, including fish stocking, wildlife management, habitat restoration, land conservation, and Texas game wardens.

After dove season begins in the North and Central Zones, it picks up in the South Zone on September 14. All three zones have different end dates, which can be found online.

Regular duck season begins in the South Zone on November 2 and runs through December 1. A second season runs December 14, 2019-January 26, 2020. A youth-only duck season is October 26-27.

Perhaps the most popular prey among hunters is the white-tailed deer. General season in South Texas is November 2, 2019-January 19, 2020. A special late season will be held for the South Zone from January 20-February 2, 2020. Youth-only seasons are October 26-27, 2019, and January 6-19, 2020.

Archery season for white-tailed dear is September 28-November 1 across the state.

Muzzleloader-only season is January 6-19, 2020, across the state.

To find a retail store near you that sells licenses over the counter, visit this page on the TPWD website and type in your ZIP code or city for the full list. Stores in Corpus Christi that sell over the counter include Academy Sports at 5001 South Padre Island Drive; Dick’s Sporting Goods at 4938 S. Staples St.; H-E-B at 1145 Waldron Road; Marinaville Bait Stand at 5151 W. Causeway Blvd.; Roy’s Bait and Tackle at 7613 SPID; all local Walmarts; and numerous Stripes convenience stores.

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