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Corpus Christi Top Fishing City in U.S

Fishing from a boat in the Gulf of Mexico is just one of many ways and places to fish in Corpus Christi, which was recently named one of the top fishing cities in the U.S. Anglers take to bays, estuaries, piers, and beaches to fish.

Corpus Christi, you’re the top! Fishing city that is. According to, Corpus Christi is among the top cities for fishing in the United States. The list includes 12 cities in no particular order, which means they are each a No. 1 choice for fishing. Along with Corpus Christi are Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Miami. is an online community and blog through which anglers help each other find and book the best fishing trips around the world. It is also a listing service for fishing guides. The top 12 cities were chosen by the expert fishing voices on the community blog as the best cities to visit — and fish — in 2019.

Why cities?

“Small towns and remote waters have that ‘untouchable’ charm we all love, but there’s never much to do once the trip is over,” reads the blog post on the website. “Head to any one of these cities, though, and you’ll find awesome angling right alongside an amazing city break. Each city has its own special something.”

That special something in Corpus Christi includes tours of the USS Lexington aircraft carrier, the Texas State Aquarium, and multiple beaches, all alongside great fishing opportunities in back bays, grass flats, reefs, and the Gulf of Mexico.

“Corpus Christi is perfect for a family vacation,” reads the blog.

While the site listed only three major things to do in Corpus Christi, you’ll many more right here on the Corpus Christi Vacation Guide website. In fact, we have listed 101-plus things to do in Corpus Christi at, complete with contact information, hours, and admission prices if any. We also include hundreds of events.

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