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Texas Publishing wants you — to be a great sales rep

The advertising sales team at Texas Publishing includes (left) Crystal Torres, Aabram Tierranegra and Mercedes Garcia, among others. Photo by Angela Sciantarelli

Texas Publishing Co. is expanding its sales staff, taking applications for sales representatives for its growing print and online publications.

“We are looking for energetic people who refuse to put a ceiling on their income potential,” said Bob Hotchkin, the company’s sales manager. “And you can be the master of your own time. You can manage your own day.”

Texas Publishing Co. produces several major print and online publications, including the Corpus Christi Business News, Corpus Christi Living direct sales magazine, Corpus Christi Area-wide Telephone and Internet Directory, 101 Fun Things to do in Corpus Christi, and more.

The job includes a base salary with generous commissions and a full range of benefits, including health care. Sales reps build relationships with local businesses while marketing various advertising opportunities. The ultimate goal is to help advertisers grow their own businesses through well-placed, quality advertising, something Texas Publishing has been doing in Corpus Christi for more than 20 years.

“As our client’s businesses expand, so does our business and our media representative’s incomes,” Hotchkin said. “And you get the thrill of excitement knowing you did something to help that business, your client.”

The job is not hard for the right people — those who love networking.

“Our products are so popular that we have customers calling on almost a daily basis asking how to be a part of one product or another,” Hotchkin continued.

Hotchkin, who has been in advertising sales for more than 21 years, loves the job.

“It’s fun for a lot of different reasons,” he said. “Primarily, it’s fun because when you put a client into an advertising program that works, they give you positive feedback.”

Sales rep Crystal Torres, who has been with Texas Publishing for three years now, agrees.

“You have to believe in your product to sell it, and I believe, because I see it and hear about the results from my customers,” Torres said.

Aside from delivering a great product for advertisers, Torres likes that she is working for a locally owned company that cares about the community.

“I think that’s important,” she said. “I’m a people person, so I like to go out and visit with people and hear their stories about their businesses. And I love hearing how well our products work for them.”

Torres also praised the work environment and the company.

“It’s a great company to work for,” she said. “I especially like working for Bob (Hotchkin) because of his leadership. He’s a great teacher, too.”

Which is especially important, since Hotchkin does not require prior sales experience for the job.

“Because this is an innovative industry and an innovative company, we are continually coming up with great new platforms for our advertisers to benefit them,” Hotchkin said. “So, we are all continually training and learning new things. There’s nothing boring about working for Texas Publishing. We have a great team here and are looking for new people to join us.”

To apply, call Hotchkin at (361) 991-1306 or email your resume to him at

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