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Texas Publishing finds success with mix of digital and print

Advertisers can no longer depend on just print or digital to get their messages to consumers. Texas Publishing offers several different options to affordably take your advertising outside the ink.

Small-business owners trying to decide whether to advertise in print or online have several options for both at Texas Publishing Co. in Corpus Christi. In fact, the answer to the either/or question of which to do is BOTH. Texas Publishing Co.’s multimedia platforms make advertising in mixed mediums easy, affordable and successful.

A marketing company that backs its print products with a vibrant, online presence, Texas Publishing can create individualized advertising programs for its clients. Precise, focused messages reach the right audiences through display ads in print, interactive online icons, strategically placed online displays and emailed newsblasts, all targeting niche markets.

“We are a marketing company that started with print publications, but have since expanded to the web to give our customers more opportunities to market their businesses,” said Bob Hotchkin, sales manager for Texas Publishing. “The medium is the messenger here. Working together, we can craft the most powerful message and get it out there in front of the right audience.”

As any beginning marketing student can attest, repetition is key in grabbing the audience’s attention and triggering consumer interest and action. While that used to mean a display ad in the local phone book and newspaper, today’s advertisers have to think outside the ink. Texas Publishing has successfully added digital marketing to its ad messaging medley.

The company’s website at goes way beyond replicating the content of its print products, which include the Corpus Christi Area-wide Telephone and Internet Directory (affectionately known as The Blue Book), Corpus Christi Business News, Corpus Christi Living magazine/direct mailer and a number of market-specific guides such as the Corpus Christi Legal Guide.

Instead,, named for its signature vacation guide, 101 Fun Things to do in Corpus Christi, offers dynamic, interactive features and content designed to engage users and rank high in search engine results.

The area’s most comprehensive, interactive events calendar at successfully increases traffic to the site, exposing users to daily news stories, vacation ideas and interactive advertiser information. Since the site is fully mobile — and more than half of all traffic comes from mobile devices — consumers have instant access to directions and phone numbers of advertisers. One touch of a finger initiates a call to your business and a possible sale.

Hotchkin outlined a variety of ways to incorporate online advertising into any company’s marketing plan.

The Blue Book phone book posts interactive advertisements online by subject on guide pages with high-interest editorial content. Written to rank high on search engine results pages, stories drive traffic to the pages and the ads. Easy to use URLs are also a prominent part of each subject-specific print publication so readers go online for more information and more ad exposure.

Corpus Christi Business News delivers more than a free monthly publication to the city’s 10,000 businesses. Its web presence publishes daily news stories online, which are posted on Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic back to the site. Advertisers can buy space on article pages, which are prominent on all devices, whether a computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

Corpus Christi Business News also produces weekly newsblasts, which send your company’s message, along with compelling editorial content, to email addresses of people who have signed up for the service. An opt-in newsblast means your content is going to people who have asked for it. That translates to quality eyes on your content.

Several other print/digital mixed-marketing packages are available to advertisers as well.

“One of the great things about digital ads is that users can click through to your website,” Hotchkin said. “And if you don’t have one, we can work with you to set up a customer home page to give your business the online presence you need.”

Texas Publishing’s print publications are niche products delivered to decision makers, Hotchkin continued. Each drives traffic to the website for even more exposure to an advertiser’s message.

“A combination of both print and digital advertising increases awareness of a brand through multiple exposure,” Hotchkin said. “Overall, good marketing needs to be a good mix of media. We provide our customers with a variety of options to help get the word out to their customers.”

Texas Publishing Co. is located at 4455 SPID #4 in Business Commerce Park. Call Hotchkin or the sales team at (361) 991-1306 or email

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