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Sico, Hoelscher & Harris LLP: 'Fearless, Vigilant, and Aggressive'

Sico, Hoelscher & Harris LLP is a large, popular law firm of trial lawyers notable for recovering billions of dollars for its clients, to right the wrongs caused by others.

Clients of Sico, Hoelscher & Harris LLP recommend it for its dedication to fearlessly fight for justice and their rights, and its website displays some reviews its clients have written in support of the work it does. Laura Rund said, “I cannot even begin to explain how much I appreciate what SHHB did to help fight for my sister for the sake of my parents,” she wrote. “It's been an emotional two (almost three) years. Thanks for giving all you got, for sticking by my parents' side, for being honest. I don't know how you do the job you do, but I'm so thankful for people like you.” Similarly, Rose Munoz described the way in which Sico, Hoelscher, Harris & Braugh LLP. She said, “After my accident, my life was turned upside down. I had to place a tremendous amount of trust in SHHB during a vulnerable time in my life - and I am so glad I did. You delivered justice against great odds. You also brought about much-needed closure for me during a traumatic period in my life.”

Sico, Hoelscher, Harris & Braugh LLP primarily focuses on the areas of commercial litigation and personal injury. It is located at 802 North Carancahua St. in Corpus Christi. Clients can call 877-631-9965 at any time of day or night for assistance.

Its website features a wealth of information for potential clients.

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