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Premier Bin Cleaning leaves no rubbish behind

Mauricio Ramirez III with his father, wife, mother and children in front of the family’s new business venture, Premier Bin Cleaning in Corpus Christi. The service cleans trash bins with no runoff of dirty water or trash into streets or yards. Photo by Carrie Robertson Meyer/Third Coast Photo

Corpus Christi residents no longer have to live with stinky, smelly trash bins. For just a few dollars a month, Premier Bin Cleaning will steam clean and deodorize residential trash bins with no mess, no run-off, no joke. A new service in the city, Premier Bin Cleaning is family-owned and -operated by Mauricio “Mauri” Ramirez III and his family.

“We go the same day you take your trash bin out for trash pickup,” Ramirez said. “You never even know we’re there until you come home to a clean bin.”

The bright blue, green and white truck picks up the freshly emptied trash bin and turns it upside down inside the vehicle, where jets spray pressurized water at 200 degrees to steam clean the insides.

“It’s completely self-contained,” Ramirez said. “There’s no runoff of water or trash in the streets or in your yard. We do a quick deodorizer and wipe them down. It’s cost-efficient and eco-friendly.”

The whole process takes about 30 seconds from pickup to wipedown.

Ramirez saw his first bin-cleaning truck on the streets of New Braunfels. He and his family had been looking for a business in which they could all work together. He did his research and brought the idea back to his family.

“We liked the fact that it’s unique,” Ramirez said. “I’m always saying I’m going to clean my trash cans, but I don’t. It’s smelly — messy. You say you’re going to do it, but you never do.”

With less effort then it takes to pay for Netflix, residents can sign up for Premier Bin Cleaning.

“I’ve gotten really good feedback about our service,” Ramirez said of reactions from his first customers. “They love it, and we are excited about it as a business.”

Ramirez first got the business bug from his dad, who owned Mauricio’s Auto Works when Mauri was a kid. Now married with two kids of his own, the younger Ramirez wants to show his children the same opportunities.

“I want them to be around this business as they grow up,” he said. “I want them to see how we work together as a family.”

Ramirez was born in Corpus Christi and lived most of his life here. After three years working for a company in San Antonio, he returned to his hometown and is building a house with plans to stay long-term. The entire endeavor is family-focused.

“This is something we can do that is ours,” he said. “We can hand it down through generations.”

Premier Bin Cleaning has only one truck at the moment, but Ramirez expects to build the fleet as he grows his customer base. From residential services, he plans to expand into cleaning commercial dumpsters, eventually adding power-washing services since the trucks have that capability.

“This is going to be a great service for commercial businesses, especially restaurants,” he said. “Dirty bins attract insects and rodents, and they’re not healthy.”

With a monthly visit from Premier Bin Cleaning, trash cans will stay bacteria-, insect- and rodent-free.

“It keeps you from having to do it yourself and getting germs and bacteria and trash all over you,” Ramirez said. “Except for having a clean bin when you come home, you’ll never know we were there.”

To find out more about Premier Bin Cleaning, visit or call (361) 929-5656. You can also email

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