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Porky’s and Bourbon Street bars reopening in Corpus Christi

Two downtown bars, Porky’s and Bourbon Street, never removed their signs from their North Chaparral Street locations. Now that road work there is drawing to a close, the two watering holes are reopening. Photos by Roland Chiapoco

Two bars in downtown Corpus Christi are hoping to make a comeback now that street construction on North Chaparral is finally wrapping up. Bourbon Street and Porky’s closed after major road work made it difficult for patrons to get to their favorite watering holes. Now, with the completion of The Cosmopolitan apartments and the removal of the orange cones, the two bars are reopening.

Both still have their signs posted on the properties between Lawrence and William streets on North Chaparral. Porky’s is slated to be a music scene, featuring DJs. Bourbon Street will be a sports bar, possibly with some karaoke.

They are expected to open sometime in the next three months.

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