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Pier reopens at Roberts Point Park in Port Aransas

Roberts Point Park in Port Aransas welcomed a new pier on Feb. 9 that replaces the J.P. Luby Pier, which was severely damaged by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Photo by Neesy Tompkins

A newly rebuilt pier at Roberts Point Park in Port Aransas opened to an appreciative public on Feb. 9. It replaces the J.P. Luby Pier, which sustained heavy damage from Hurricane Harvey in August 2017 and had to be demolished.

The J.P. Luby Fishing Pier was dedicated in 1985 in honor of the Nueces County Precinct 4 commissioner at the time. It is now known as the Pier at Roberts Point.

Construction on the $1.6 million pier began in March 2022. The Federal Emergency Management Agency funded 90 percent of the cost; the state of Texas picked up the remaining 10 percent. Derrick Construction Co. of Rockport rebuilt the structure, which will cover the same footprint as the one it replaces.

Roberts Point Park, a popular destination for locals and visitors, opened in 1991.

The Dennis Dreyer Municipal Harbor, adjacent to the park, is also undergoing improvements at a cost of $10 million, including a new harbor master’s office, upgraded restrooms, dredging the harbor, fish house renovations, replacing Docks 11 and 12, and bulkhead cap repairs.

A $5 million grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration will partially fund the improvements; the city of Port Aransas will cover the rest.

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Sheri —
This is great news!! It is a necessary thing to have at Roberts Point Park. So happy it was replaced.

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