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Fiesta de la Flor 2020 Officially Canceled

Fiesta de la Flor is no more, the Quintanilla family announced January 21. The family had discussed moving the tribute to the late Tejana superstar Selena Quintanilla Perez to San Antonio. The festival was held for five years in Corpus Christi. The last year was 2019. Courtesy photo from 2017 event

Fiesta de la Flor has been officially canceled. The Quintanilla family, which handles the estate of the late Selena Quintanilla Perez, announced January 21 that the 5-year-old festival, which was previously held in Corpus Christi, will not be moving to another city after all.

The Tejana superstar’s family had hinted they might move the festival from the Coastal Bend to San Antonio. The event left Corpus Christi after a controversy over payment to the Quintanilla family.

The trouble came to light in September 2019 when former Convention and Visitors Bureau President Paulette Kluge resigned. She announced she had made an agreement with the Selena Foundation to pay it $50,000 even though that was $15,000 more than the profits from the 2019 event. She also agreed to pay at least $50,000 each year no matter what profits raised.

The original agreement between the CVB and the Quintanillas was to split profits with the Selena Foundation each year. In 2019, total profits only amounted to $35,000.

Although Kluge had the legal authority to change the CVB’s agreement with the Quintanillas, the Board of Directors and City Council were not happy that she did not seek agreement from others first.

Kluge is credited with spearheading the creation of the festival and establishing a close working relationship with the late singer’s family.

“In four years, we gave less than $100,000 to the Selena Foundation,” Kluge told the board when called to task for the contract changes last August. “The Quintanilla family said that is unacceptable. If we don’t get something for the Selena Foundation, there will not be another Fiesta de la Flor.”

The impact peaked at $15 million in 2016. It has declined a bit each year after that, generating about $11 million last year.

“Unfortunately, even beautiful journeys must come to an end,” said the Quintanilla family in an October media release announcing the end of its Corpus Christi run.

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There are 3 comments.

Adam —
Her family's greed seems to always take priority over her fame/legacy... Truly sad!
Ivy —
really sad, it should be about the legacy she left behind not the money she provided after her death. Maybe that money should have gone to struggling families, or foster children since Selena loved children and was strongly against abortion. I also think that walk of fame crap was unnecessary, to little to late, hollywierd only recognized her after over 20 years because of the whole race thing. Selena was more than a race, she was above that, and above Hollywood. Selena was wholesome, and a real person, you can literally feel it in her music, and the person she was. I dont think Selena would be happy with everything that has happened.
Irene S. —
The fiesta was a great way to remember and celebrate the life of Selena. It sounds like it is all about money now, on both sides. What a shame.

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