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Corpus Christi OKs $5.2M in federal funding

The Corpus Christi Neighborhood and Community Services Department is working to make the city a more comfortable place for impoverished residents.

Grant money will support programs for those in need

The Corpus Christi City Council approved $5.2 million in federal grant funding for projects and programs related to community development, affordable housing, and the homeless.

The money comes from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which allocates funds to the Community Development Block Grant, Emergency Solutions Grants Program, and HOME Investment Partnerships Program.

The Corpus Christi Neighborhood Services Department, which administers the grants, outlined a five-year action plan on July 19 that was approved by the council on Tuesday, July 26.

The goals for the Consolidated Annual Action Plan include:

  • providing decent affordable housing;
  • creating suitable living environments;
  • and creating economic opportunities.

Those goals should lead to an increase in homeownership and a decrease in homelessness, officials said.

Grant funds are to be used for:

  • minor home repairs for seniors and people who are disabled
  • code enforcement measures through compliance activities, demolition, and clearing lots of violations
  • a truck to deliver meals to senior centers
  • a generator for the Central Kitchen, which prepares meals for seniors
  • emergency shelters and homeless services
  • affordable rental housing, home rehabilitation, tenant-based rental assistance, and new home construction

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