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Morgan Street Dental warns of teeth troubles in sweets season

The staff at Morgan Street Dental Center take pride in providing quality work and friendly service. From left are Elvie Landa, Elizabeth Roberts, Erin Boswell and Jeanette Garcia. Photo by Jane Kathleen Gregorio

December is a time for holiday sweets and treats, which should also make it a time to pay extra attention to dental care, said Erin Boswell, office manager at Morgan Street Dental Center. Boswell is also the daughter of center owner Dr. Randal Boswell.

“This is the time of year that people love to binge on cakes and desserts, and that is all good and fine, just make sure in between meals you are flossing and rinsing,” Boswell said.

She also recommends avoiding acidic foods outside the hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“It’s also very important to keep up with your annual dental checkups and cleanings,” she continued.

Morgan Street Dental Center has provided Corpus Christi families with the best in dental services for all ages for more than 30 years. Patient services include routine checkups and cleanings, teeth whitening (including Zoom Whitening), cosmetic work, periodontal treatments, extractions, dentures, partials, crowns, bridges, root canals, veneers, bonding — whatever your needs.

Dr. Boswell also specializes in pediatric dentistry.

Morgan Street Dental uses the latest technology for all procedures, including advance sterilization on all instruments.

Boswell first came to Corpus Christi from Houston in the mid-1980s. Fresh out of school, he wanted to start his own practice but lacked the finances. Then, he discovered that Dr. William Cooper was planning to sell his practice, which was located across from Christus Memorial Hospital on Morgan Avenue.

“It was more than my dad could afford at the time, but he worked alongside Dr. Cooper until, finally, he was able to take over the practice in 1987,” Erin Boswell told Corpus Christi Business News.

For 27 years, Morgan Street Dental Center continued operations at the same location — until the property owners decided not to renew the lease.

“It was rough because we had been at that location for so long,” Boswell said, “but we transitioned to a new building, also located on Morgan Avenue at Tenth Street. Despite the move, our name still reflects our location.”

Boswell has been working alongside her father for the past 11 years. Her career as a dental office manager came about as a result of a staff shortage.

“My dad needed someone to help him in the office, so straight out of high school, I came on board to assist him,” she said. “He entrusted me to take care of the office and make it more productive. It gives him peace of mind and makes him happy knowing his daughter is working with him. We work very well together.”

For the Boswells and the rest of the team at Morgan Street Dental Center, delivering quality, affordable dental care to families in the community is an important trust.

“Two of our employees have worked here twenty-five-plus years, so they must enjoy it,” Boswell said. “Our hygienist has been here over five years. We pride ourselves on being able to retain employees for a long period of time with our friendly environment.”

As for the future, Boswell hopes Morgan Street Dental Center continues to flourish another 30 years.

“We stay updated with ongoing education in the dental field that allows our practice to treat patients with the newest technology and newest formats,” she said. “We also take any new insurance plans that arise, so our patients can stay with us as an in-network provider.”

Morgan Street Dental Center offers affordable services and accepts most insurance coverage. Accepted coverage includes Medicaid for patients under 21 through the CHIP program. For those lacking dental insurance or benefits, Boswell recommends Corpus Christi Dental Plan, a year-round program accepted by many local providers, including Morgan Street Dental Center.

“This plan helps patients with discounted or reduced dental fees,” she said. “We cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of your oral health.”

Research studies have shown that flossing is extremely important as is brushing regularly.

“And get your dental checkups at least every 12 months to stay on top of your dental needs,” Boswell said. “Our bottom line is to provide honest and open care for our patients.”

Morgan Street Dental Center is located at 1306 Morgan Ave. in Corpus Christi. For more information, call (361) 884-6106 or visit

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