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5 great gardening apps

Keep your smartphone handy in the garden, as any of these five apps could help turn you into a green thumb gardener with the flick of a finger.

Gardening has gone high-tech. If you've got a garden problem, pull out your smartphone because, of course, there's an app for that! Just don't expect your smartphone to pull out any weeds.

Here are five of the best gardening apps that found for area plant enthusiasts. And don’t forget, you have full access to the mobile version of with no download required!

Garden Time Planner

Developer: Burpee Store: Apple App Store The Burpee seed company developed this app, which includes a full database of plants, local weather and how-to gardening videos. Burpee organized an impressive array of plants in an easy-to-navigate format. Gardeners will benefit from simple and straightforward video advice on sowing, transplanting and plant tendencies.

Plant Pictures

Developer: Stevenson Software LLC Store: Apple App Store Includes more than 26,000 plants you can browse by plant name or instantly uncover a multitude of photos that will help guide your buying decisions and garden layout. No tips, but lots of large, colorful pics to help you easily identify the aesthetic distinctions of each plant.

Gardening Ideas

Developer: Archant Ltd. Store: Apple App Store Get great ideas and stunning photography from this app, which includes detailed building designs and water features. App size is small compared to the others on this list, boosting the quickness and fluidity of its user interface.

Garden Guide

Developer: Ogden Publications Inc. Store: Google Play Users say this is the best free gardening app on the Google Play market. It provides expert advice from the popular magazine Mother Earth News and doles out planting specifications for all of your vegetables, fruits and flowers. Insider tip: After downloading the app, tap the “lock” icon to unlock the content and the “tomato” icon to start receiving articles.

Gardening Tips

Developer: ShamZap Store: Google Play Here's an app for beginning gardeners who need advice for cultivating everything from flower gardens to indoor herb gardens. It works as a large search engine that quickly takes users to credible sources of information in a simple, easy-to-understand way. Use it to link to a variety of how-to videos, informative articles and gardening experts.

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