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BugPro Corpus Christi stops pestering insects

Buddy Lassmann (left) with his wife, Lamar, daughter, Amanda Brandt, and son-in-law, Shane Brandt. Lassmann consolidated the two names of his company into BugPro. The 33 BugPro professionals now wear matching uniforms and all drive white trucks with orange tops. Photo by Jane Kathleen Gregorio

Bugs, termites, fire ants, and other pests need to “bee-ware.” Two long-established pest control companies in the Coastal Bend have recently consolidated under one name: BugPro.

What started as a one-man operation in 1984 became incorporated in 1985 as Alice Pest Control. A few years later, a second branch was added: Home and Garden Pest Control in Corpus Christi. Three decades after that, owner and president Buddy Lassmann decided to unite the two separate names under one. His 33 employees now work under BugPro at each location.

Even with the changes, it is still the same family-owned and -operated business that it’s been since 1985, according to Lassman.

“Thanks to our loyal customers, BugPro is currently the largest single- or first-generation pest control company in South Texas,” Lassmann said.

Working alongside Lassman are his wife, Lamar, who is the co-owner and vice president; son-in-law and service manager, Shane Brandt; and daughter and office manager Amanda Brandt.

Lassmann assures clients they will receive the same quality work as well as new improvements to fulfill the company’s mission of “providing the best, customized, and innovative service that money can buy.”


“We unified both company names under one because our territories kept overlapping,” Buddy Lassmann said. “The Corpus Christi crew would sometimes do jobs in the Alice region, and vice versa. Both had two different invoices and billing systems. Now, however, we have the same name at each office location, share the same paperwork, and have a more unified look for the whole company.”

The entire crew now wears look-alike uniforms and drives white trucks with orange tops and the company’s orange and green globe logo on the sides. The rebranding also spells improvements internally and externally for the company, Lassmann continued.

“Our technicians will be using paperless invoices from their smart devices,” he said. “Even our website and software will be integrated so customers can order and pay for services online. Our upgraded phone system will automatically pull up a customer’s account each time they call us.”

Out in the field, BugPro will continue to use the latest innovations in products and services as well.

“All of our products have been tested and are EPA-approved,” Lassmann said. “We compare the best ones out on the market that are the most effective and less toxic. In fact, some regular household products are more dangerous than what we put in homes (to kill bugs).”

BugPro promotes the usage of Eco Green Services, which are less harmful to the environment than chemicals used by many other pest control companies. BugPro was one of the first to implement this program in the Coastal Bend.

“It helps us stand apart from other pest control companies,” Lassman told Corpus Christi Business News. “Out in the field, we have management that will come out to check on the technicians, their work results, and the customers’ feedback. Very few companies have that.”

BugPro services both residential and commercial clients. Commercial customers include health care facilities, hospitals, farms and ranches, restaurants, offices, day care centers, schools, hotels, oil field locations, and offshore and marine sites.

The company stands by its commitment to customer satisfaction by offering to come back free if pests are not gone after a treatment.

Pest control is an essential part of living a healthy life. Uncontrolled pests can create a lot of problems and negatively affect health, Lassmann said.

“One fire ant bite or a bee sting has the potential to kill a person who is allergic,” he said. “A lot of allergies are caused by roaches. And wreaking the most havoc are termites, which destroy more properties than all natural disasters combined. We do the public a great service by helping to control unwanted pests.”

BugPro offers a variety of pest control solutions to fit a customer’s needs. Service plans include one-time, monthly, quarterly, annually, or by customer request and offer free termite inspections. The most popular product among customers with children, pets, and allergies is the Perimeter Guard Service, which can be done without the customer being there.

“Our technicians are very knowledgeable, and we use the best products made and cover all entry points,” Lassmann said. “If we can keep the bugs from getting inside, there is less need to spray inside.”

BugPro’s fire ant service is another example of something that needs to be done only once a year.

“We believe so much in our fire ant service that we stand by it and guarantee it will last for one year,” Lassmann said.

Perhaps the most-needed pest control service in the Coastal Bend is the mosquito misting systems.

“We install mosquito misting systems around homes, businesses, deer pens, and dog kennels,” he continued. “The seasons are getting worse for mosquitos and for dogs because it affects dogs’ health and well-being and sometimes will kill them.”

Other services include removing bees, weeds, rodents, wasp nests, and spider webs. BugPro also offers 24-hour emergency services and much more.

“During the springtime, bees are very strong, especially if it continues to rain,” Lassmann said. “It's a risky type of job, which is why we have highly trained technicians.”

The company’s website provides a list of all its packages and services as well as coupons and discounts.

“What I love most about our work is that, every day, we always meet new challenges,” he said. “We like solving the problems customers have, and we are dedicated to creating a safer environment for them and their families. Our customers tell it best as we have proven results since 1985.”

BugPro is located at 1001 Airline Road in Corpus Christi and 101 N. Flournoy Road in Alice. Call (361) 992-PEST (7378) in Corpus Christi and (361) 664-ANTS (2687) in Alice. For more information, visit

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