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Brighten your business with Richard Duran and Pace Products

Richard Duran is an independent distributor of Pace Products, which makes productive coatings for roofs, parking lots and building exteriors. Photo by Carrie Robertson Meyer

If you need to add some shine and weather protection to the exterior of your business, Richard Duran can help. As an Independent Distributor of Pace Products, he can hook you up with roof and asphalt coatings that will restore and renew your facade, giving customers a great first impression before they even walk through the door.

Pace Products is a worldwide company that has been around since 1956. Duran aims to make Pace products just as popular in South Texas as they are in northern states.

“The products I sell penetrate through the original materials, creating bonds that prevent cracks,” Duran said. “It creates a newer, longer life and gives a satin finish for up to 10 years.”

Duran has 25 different products available at hand for exterior walls, rust proofing, galvanized roofs, blacktop sealer and more.

“I love to show the customers the sales materials, answer all their questions, and have them see the money they can save,” Duran said. “There are no shortcuts to these products. They come with a warranty, so once applied, they live up to their lifetime.”

With his phones open for business from 8 a.m.-6 p.m. six days a week, Duran will go wherever he is needed to help people get what they need.

“I see Corpus Christi growing in many areas,” he said. “The city is rejuvenating itself through a lot of construction, trying to really bring the tourists in. There’s still much work to be done.”

Duran would particularly like to do more work in the restoration of downtown.

“I see new buildings, new hotels — a lot of it is coming in at the same time, making room for new things and new ideas,” Duran said. “The city has this opportunity to make businesses more appealing to the public, and my products could definitely help.”

Duran stresses that once he sells a product to a business owner, with the information and resources to apply it, that’s it. The rest is in the business owner’s hands. Duran encourages buyers to use their own employees to apply the products as a way to save time, labor and money. The product is easy to use.

“This product can be applied whether through a paint roller or a brush or even a sprayer,” Duran said. “When a customer orders more than 10 gallons, we have a free loaner of a seamless sprayer — takes less time to apply it.”

In fact, Duran is all about helping business owners save time and money. He encourages them to buy product only as needed, so they won’t be overcharged for extra. He also emphasizes the importance of taking care of their businesses from the get-go, before any problems have a chance to arise.

“Pre-maintainence is key,” he said. “Businesses have a lot of overhead, and maintaining their building is a big one. Examine rooftops, exteriors, everything before damage happens, and don’t get stuck with bigger repairs and unneeded costs.”

Currently, Duran’s operation is small, but he has plans in the near future to open an office space and recruit professional staff.

“I think I can provide a good thing for the community,” he said. “The customer always comes first.”

To get in touch with Duran and learn more about Pace Products, call (361) 704-5207.

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