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In Corpus Christi the best fresh seafood comes from the Gulf of Mexico and includes red snapper, red fish, shrimp and oysters.

Best Seafood Restaurants

Beautiful views and a spectacular menu are specialities at many of the romantic fine dining restaurants in Corpus Christi.

Fine Dining

For a juicy, tender steak, look for a generous marbling of fat through the muscle. Ribeyes are often a favorite of steak lovers because of their luscious marbling. The best are seared quickly on a hot grill with time on the heat depending on the lucky consumer’s choice: rare, medium rare or well done.

Steak Houses

The best chicken-fried steak comes with a rich, creamy gravy poured over crunchy goodness with a tender, tasty texture.

Best Chicken Fried Steak

As both a college town and tourist destination, Corpus Christi has plenty of pizza parlors. Varieties are endless as are the different kinds of beer you will find as you take on the quest of finding your favorites.

Best Pizza

From a light blonde to a thick porter, the craft breweries in Corpus Christi have a beer everybody.


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