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Serve an Ace in Sand Volleyball

Spike a ball in the sun at sand volleyball courts in Corpus Christi

Olympic medalists Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings might have turned beach volleyball into a profession, but they haven't taken the fun out of it. In fact, they have inspired volleyball enthusiasts around the world to get in on some action themselves.

You always can find a friendly game on the beaches across Corpus Christi just about any day of the week.

Try out Islander Courts: The newly renovated 30-acre Water’s Edge Park includes a beach volleyball court built by Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, whose NCAA sand volleyball team ranks high at the Division I level.

Sand courts are also located at two Sonic Drive-ins in town, so you can practice in between trips to the shore at:

  • 4801 S. Staples St.
  • 6557 S. Staples St.

Tips to get started playing beach volleyball

You'll need to conserve your energy to play such a high-action game on sand. Take small steps, which will give you more power than longer strides.

To keep your bare feet from getting scorched, dig your toes (and feet!) under the top layer of sand. It’s always cooler just under the surface. Another good thing about the sand: It’s easy on your joints!

You'll need to drink lots of water to keep hydrated. It's hot on those beaches, despite the cool breezes.

Bump, set, spike: Four quick rules to the game

While the official U.S. Outdoor Volleyball Rulebook covers everything, including the material of the ball, the tension of the net, and other strict rules and procedures, the casual player can follow these tips for a basic game.

  1. Gather all friends, family, strangers — Volleyball is a social sport and a great opportunity to make new friends. Organize your teams, making sure each side is equally competitive. Put the same number of experienced and beginner players on each team so the game is fun for everyone.
  2. Decide who goes first — Flip a coin, play rock-paper-scissors, have a cartwheel competition. Whoever wins serves first!
  3. Keep the ball in the air as it flies over the net. If the ball touches the ground, the point goes to the side that sent it over. If the ball goes out of bounds, the point goes to the receiving side. The longer the volley, the more satisfying the set.
  4. Rotate players one position to the left after each set so a new player serves each time. The first side to 21 points wins!

There's not much more to it than that, so SERVE! Remember: It’s not about being good at the game, it’s about having fun

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