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Arrow Appliance Repair Co. weathers the storms in Corpus Christi

Jack English has been repairing and maintaining appliances in the Coastal Bend area for 62 years. Now both his son and granddaughter have joined him in his business, Arrow Appliance Repair Co. in Corpus Christi. Photo by Carrie Robertson Meyer/Third Coast Photo

When a big storm rolls through, household appliances can go haywire. If lightning strikes, the crew at Arrow Appliance Repair Co. in Corpus Christi is ready to help.

“A lot of the new appliances have a computer in them and are sensitive,” said Jack English, owner of Arrow Appliance Repair. “A lightning strike three miles away can put out your refrigerator.”

Every season is a busy season at Arrow Appliance Repair. Stoves, dishwashers, water heaters, and all other major appliances can break down at any time. However, business often gets a boost after a storm, which especially happened after Hurricane Harvey.

“You turn a whole city off and turn it back on, you’re gonna have a whole bunch of appliances go bad,” English explained. “It’ll come all back on at once — the voltage bangs right up — and there are quite a few problems.”

English opened Arrow Appliance Repair Co. in 1956 after getting hands-on experience fixing washers and dryers at Meter Minder Laundry, the city’s first coin-operated laundromat.

Over the past 62 years, Arrow Appliance Repair has thrived with the help of English’s family. His son, Shawn, joined the business while he was still in high school. He learned the ropes early, hanging around his dad on repair jobs as a small child.

Years later, Shawn would take his daughter, Shauna, out on repair jobs as well. Like father, like daughter: When Shauna turned 17, she started her formal training and joined the crew.

Arrow Appliance Repair Co. is now run by three generations with Jack English overseeing a full crew of employees, including his son and granddaughter.

Over the past six decades, Arrow Appliance Repair Co. has maintained the same quality of expert maintenance and repair despite the ever-changing appliance industry. As technology has advanced — with the addition of computers to many of the machines in homes — so, too, has the repair crew, which has to constantly stay on top of new trends and advancements.

That dedication means Arrow Appliance Repair Co. provides same-day, in-home service and can fix any make or model of any major appliance from washers and dryers to vent hoods and cooktops.

Arrow Appliance Repair Co. serves Corpus Christi, Portland, Padre Island, and the surrounding areas. For more information, call (361) 939-8840 or visit

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