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From zombies to YouTube, 5 exciting invite ideas

Put your creative flair to work when designing and deciding on wedding invitations. From traditional to digital, wedding invitations set the tone for the big event.

Wedding invitations can be as creative and personal as the ceremony you are planning. If you’re looking for something different, we have some ideas that will get you thinking outside the envelope.

1. Use a postcard with photos of you and your betrothed as save-the-date notices. Include an email address for quick RSVPs that will instantly record online. offers an easy and elegant way to design your own personalized online save-the-date wedding announcement if you want to go green (meaning no trees wasted!)

2. Create a themed invitation based on your favorite pop culture icons. Photos of the couple dressed as favorite book, TV or movie characters will be well remembered and enjoyed, especially if you are fans of “The Walking Dead!”

3. Create invitations that truly reflect who you are as a couple. Check out examples of the creativity unleashed by and other sites. Invitations can be made of lace, vintage paper or camouflage. Check out the latest ideas, add your own twists and go from there.

4. Feature your flair for fun by a twist on traditional invite verbiage. Put your feet in the shoes of the father-of-the-bride and write, “Your presence is regretfully requested to enjoy a celebration that’s going to painfully hit me in the pocket book.” Or maybe take a younger sibling’s point of view with: “She finally said ‘yes,’ and now it’s time to make my sister and her boyfriend legit.”

5. The extra brave might even want to toss the idea of a paper invite altogether and go straight to video. With little more than a smartphone and a YouTube or Vimeo account, you have all the tools you need to create an ingenious, original and inventive new tradition. (But you might have want to be sure to send invites to people who are not computer savvy.)

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