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7 suggestions for seaside bouquets

Shells, pearls and white roses make for the perfect sea side wedding bouquet.

The beachside bride can find a variety of bouquet options for an island wedding motif. From classic flowers to tropical blooms, planners can complement a tranquil wedding getaway with the ocean air and relaxing waves as a backdrop. The best bouquet choices are in keeping with the design, style and color theme of the ceremony.

Surfing through the myriad of floral options available can prove to be overwhelming, so it’s best to narrow down the choices.

Here are seven popular bouquet ideas for the bride and groom who have decided to tie the knot near the sun, sand and surf.

1. Choose from a tropical palette

The colors for a beachside theme can be conveyed with the warm hues of sunbursts and summertime fun. Flowers falling into this category include coral drops, hanging millet, soft pink garden roses and spiky orange dahlias.

2. Getting to the greenery

Among the favorites for an ocean oasis feel are bold and exotic greenery to mix with bright, bold floral options. For an island feel, consider a bouquet with elephant ear, a mix of calla lily and papier-mâché blooms.

3. Varieties of variegation

Nothing says island getaway like variegated greenery. In this bouquet idea, a creative planner would request cymbidium orchids, gloriosa lilies, hosta leaves and leucadendron.

4. The Isle of Love

Bringing a touch of the coastline to a wedding ceremony conjures images of a hidden paradise. A lush island bouquet combines areca palm, galax and papyrus for a floral design that inspires images of an exotic region.

5. Simple blushing orchid surprise

The swath of the intricate pink patterns embedded in orchids offers a lovely and playful feel in a tropical floral bouquet. Flowers that compliment the seaside motif include blushing brides, nerines, calla lilies and garden roses.

6. Classic comes to the beachside bouquet

For the casual wedding ceremony, classic floral designs can add a touch of elegance. Lush white roses and velvet millinery leaves make up this traditional bouquet that is perfect for a seaside or other casual affair.

7. Creative non-floral bouquets

A D-I-Y bride should not be afraid to think outside of the floral bouquet and incorporate petal-like shells, dried sea creatures and other non-floral items for a unique creation to be remembered. Select a palette of summertime hues and fire up the glue gun for a fun night of arts and crafts to create the perfect tailored bouquet.

For the bridesmaid and flower girls

All bouquet arrangements should complement the bride’s bouquet by including a similar color and theme. Bridesmaids’ flowers are usually smaller and coordinate with the wedding party dresses. Flower girls can be accented with mini bouquets that match the bridesmaids’ flowers or carry a basket of petals or a pomander.

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