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6 ways save on baby’s everyday needs

Babies are lovable, adorable, cute and expensive. Save money by developing a strategy for bargain hunting when it comes to baby goods.

Having a child costs money — there’s no way around it. As a parent, you want the best for your children. But unless money is no object, you should look for deals on what you need and save for what you want. Here are some strategies for stretching your dollars when it comes to buying what your young children need:

1. Bulk diapers

Diapers are one of the highest and recurring expenses for parents. So get out the calculator and check on prices per piece when buying in bulk. Compare the price per piece of your favorite diaper brand and size at stores that sell in bulk to the same product at your local grocery store. Don’t assume bulk is always cheaper! Do the math, watch for sales and make sure you’re getting a deal.

2. Clothing swap

Get into a clothing swap or a recycle circle. Instead of going out and buying all new baby or children’s clothes, become part of a network of parents exchanging clothes. You could start one at your child’s day care or school. Look for shops that sell used children’s clothes, which are growing in popularity. You can even sell your gently used items and use the money for newer, bigger clothes.

3. Seek expert advice

Find an experienced parent and ask his or her advice. If you’re new to parenting, it all seems pretty overwhelming with all the things out there for babies. Sometimes, you buy something, such as a stroller, only to learn it doesn’t quite work the way you had hoped or doesn’t fit your style. By connecting with a parent who has already been through that phase of parenting, you can pick his or her brain about different things from “What stroller is the easiest to fold with one hand?” to “How do I get my baby in the backpack carrier without falling over?”

4. Used furniture

When looking for furniture or other large items, don’t overlook the value of websites such as or neighborhood garage sales. You can find some wonderful deals if you’re willing to do a little hunting.

5. Social media

Seek out informational email lists and corporate Facebook pages for savings on many brands of baby items. You’ll receive coupons and other cost-savers as part of the emails. You’ll also find discounts, sales and coupons on for everything from baby goods to pet food to dental visits.

7. Recycle and reuse

New isn’t always the best. Look around and see how you can repaint or refurbish some of the old furniture around your house. Watch TV shows or browse websites for ideas on how to spruce up your baby’s nursery with a little paint and some ingenuity.

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