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7 ways to keep your mower going

Mowers need maintenance similar to a vehicle. Check the spark plugs, change the air filters and oil and keep the blades sharp for a better cut and a longer mower life expectancy.

Today’s lawn mowers are more efficient and reliable than ever with features such as blade brake control, foot shields, cruise control and stereos. With all the new bells and whistles, it’s even more important to know how to properly maintain them.

1. Clean up after a mow

Keeping the dirt and dead grass off your mower helps keep the engine cooler and reduces the amount of grime that can work its way into the motor.

2. Change the air filter

By changing the air filter, you use less gas and the mower runs more efficiently.

3. Change the oil

Check the owner’s manual for details on how often and what kind of oil your mower requires. Just like a car, mowers need regular oil changes to keep running efficiently.

4. Keep the spark

Before firing the mower up after a winter break, change the spark plug. This simple step can help keep the mower running better and last longer.

5. Check the tire pressure

If your lawn mower uses tires with air, check the air pressure. Proper inflation makes the mower more efficient and easier to push and maneuver around the yard.

6. Sharpen the blade

A sharp blade cuts grass cleaner and better, making it easier on the mower’s engine. A dull blade tears at the grass, leaving behind rough edges that will brown and disfigure your lawn.

7. Get a tune-up

While you can handle a lot of lawn mower maintenance yourself, a professional tune-up can keep your mower running for years longer. A repair shop can drain and replace old gas, handle the basic maintenance, perform diagnostics and just give it a good look-over.

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