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6 coastal conservation watering tips

Captured rain in a barrel conserves water for your garden, saving you money and feeding your green thumb at the same time.

Water conservation will always be an issue in Texas, with or without a drought. To maintain greenery while conserving water, follow these six easy watering tips.

1. Wet the soil to a 3- or 4-inch depth to create enough reserve moisture to last several days.

2. Water an established lawn heavily and infrequently to promote healthy root growth. Light water applied daily can lead to shallow rooting and disease problems.

3. Check your soil moisture by pushing a screwdriver into the ground. If you meet little resistance, the soil is wet. If it doesn’t push in easily, more water is needed.

4. Water in the early morning.

5. If your lawn shows symptoms of drought, immediately water it regardless of the time of day.

6. If your lawn appears to be stressed or is showing signs of summer dormancy, raise your mowing height to 2½ inches to 3 inches.

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