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5 reasons to see a sports specialist

You don’t have to be involved in competitive sports to need a medical specialist in sports injuries. Start with your primary care physician for a referral to the doctor who can best help you in your recovery.

A family doctor can handle a lot of sports-related or similar injuries, but sometimes you need more. Here are some reasons you might want to consider scheduling an appointment with a sports medicine specialist:

1. Competitions

If you’re a competitive athlete or in training for runs, swims or other events, you should consult a doctor with specialized knowledge in sports-related injuries for a more focused course of treatment.

2. Increased fitness levels

If you’re interested in increasing your fitness levels, a sports medicine specialist can help you design a program to help you reach your fitness goal, while also lowering the risk of injury.

3. Overuse injuries

If you suffer from a chronic condition such as tendonitis or an overworked shoulder, a sports specialist can offer innovative ways to treat the problem as well as outline steps to prevent it in the future.

4. Knee problems

Knees can cause us some serious problems, with or without injuries. Your cartilage, meniscus and ligaments are always at risk to some degree as they work together in supporting your body. Sports medicine specialists see knee injuries on all levels on a daily basis, giving them a great deal of expertise.

5. Stranded on the sidelines

A family physician or general practitioner might not fully understand your love for the sport and your desire to get back out there as soon as possible. Sports medicine specialists, with their background in working with athletes, understand where you’re coming from. With a shared love and language of sports, you and the sports medicine specialist might be able to craft a recovery plan and program that gets you back on the field or road as soon as possible, whether your a 5K runner or a tennis ace.

No matter what level of physical activity you are engaged in, an injury needs immediate attention to keep you mobile and healthy. See a doctor immediately for treatment or recommendation to a specialist.

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