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5 types of medical equipment you can rent

From beds to wheelchairs, a variety of medical equipment is available for rent when injuries or illnesses have temporarily laid us up.

Few places give us peace more than our own homes, so having medical equipment where we live often can be the most effective healing option. The cost of purchasing this equipment can set our minds — and pocketbooks — reeling, however. One option, especially for short-term situations, is renting equipment. Here are five of the most commonly rented pieces of medical equipment:

1. Chairs

Chairs evolve as our needs change. Some can be used to bathe, while others have long seats where we put our arms on each end to help us stand. Lift chairs that look like recliners but rise up to help us stand are also common, and they even operate like a recliner with reading, napping, relaxing and sleeping positions. Standard and power wheelchairs are designed with specific needs in mind. Some are made for larger patients, while others are developed for more active individuals. Power wheelchairs can be set up for those with specific needs.

2. Beds

It might become necessary to sleep in a bed with rails that can be raised and lowered. Some have head ends, while others can be folded. Beds are available for all shapes and sizes, complete with IV hooks.

3. Lifts

Some people might need a lift to get in and out of a bed or chair. Rented lifts can be hung from the ceiling or have wheels that make them mobile. Some lifts are specifically designed for those unable to move about without assistance. Vehicle and platform lifts also are available. Some platform lifts look like elevators complete with doors.

4. Pumps

All types of pumps are available, including enteral, infusion, PCA and syringe pumps.

5. Other equipment

From walkers to commodes, just about any type of equipment exists to help make it possible to continue to enjoy our lives despite any physical limitations. Technology has helped create equipment that allows us to have the convenience of being in the hospital without ever leaving home.

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