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6 health assessments you need

A regular daily routine that includes healthy meals and exercise is an important part of maintaining your mobility and health as you age.

Less than 7 percent of older Americans bother to get the medical tests and services recommended for them, according to a report from the American Academy of Family Physicians. As we age, it becomes even more important that we take care of our health by talking to our doctors and getting those tests. Here are seven services important to aging Americans:

1. Annual medication review

Go over all your medications with your primary care physician, even those medications prescribed by other doctors. You also should review them with your pharmacist on a regular basis.

2. Fall risk assessment

Falls are one of the biggest at-home health risks for older Americans. Have your doctor order a fall assessment of your home. You can then correct risk areas to make sure your home is as fall-proof as possible.

3. Falls history

Tell your doctor about any and all falls you have had in the prior year. Then, discuss what needs to be done to help prevent more falls.

4. Depression screening

Depression in older adults typically goes unreported or even undiagnosed, yet it’s a problem many of us will face as we age. A good way to stave off the consequences of depression is to determine if you suffer from it or are heading down that road.

5. Daily routine discussion

A frank discussion with your doctor and other medical care providers about your daily routine can help you avoid future problems. As we age, our bodies can’t quite handle some of the activities of our youth. Even walking up and down the stairs at home can become a problem. It’s also a good idea to discuss how you or your aging parent can independently handle those activities. Primary care physicians are not the only resources you can use to keep track of your health risks and assessments. Other services and organizations are available for additional support. Many of these are community-based organizations that can help you as you or your parents age. Some of the organizations in Corpus Christi you might find useful include:


Full-time, serves meals and other services Ethel Eyerly Senior Center

654 Graham Road


Lindale Senior Center

3135 Swantner St.


Greenwood Senior Center

4040 Greenwood Drive


Garden Senior Center

5325 Greely Drive



Part-time, serves meals Broadmoor Senior Center

1651 Tarlton St.


Oveal Williams Senior Center

1414 Martin Luther King Drive


Northwest Senior Center

9725 Up River Road


Zavala Senior Center

510 Osage St.


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