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Defy gravity at Cole Park skate park

Challenge yourself — or just watch others — at Cole Park in Corpus Christi.

Whether you can nollie, ollie or railstand, or are just looking for a place to watch those who can, Corpus Christi’s 10,000-square-foot skate park is the place to go.

Located right on the bay in the city’s Cole Park at 1526 Ocean Drive, the skating arena is a concrete sanctuary for skaters with a drive to challenge gravity. For everyone else, Cole Park includes a large playground, fishing pier, picnic areas and an amphitheater.

Helmets are required for all skaters whether on rollerblades, skates or boards. The park is open from dusk to dawn, 365 days of the year.

The skateboarder's guide to the universe

As a new skateboarder, rollerblader or trick cyclist, it can be tough to learn new tricks safely. That's why going to a skate park like the one in Corpus Christi can be so important — meet those already in the know and learn from them!

Gear is important in skateboarding. Find a shop that specializes and build your own board. You should always wear a helmet (they are required at the Corpus Christi Skate Park). Knee and elbow pads are also recommended, especially for beginners.

First thing to do, say the experts on, is to get comfortable standing on your board. Set your new board on grass or carpet and start moving around on it — not skating, but tipping it back on its front and back wheels, jumping around on it, moving your stance.

When it comes to stance, you need to learn if you're regular or goofy. Regular is skating with your left foot forward. Goofy is right foot forward. To figure which you are, kick a ball. The foot you used to kick the ball is your back foot. Balancing foot goes in front, kicking foot in back.

Are you ready yet? If not, head for the Corpus Christi Skate Park to learn more!

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