Search for seashells in the sand

Search for seashells in the sand

seashells on the beach

Sea shells come in all shapes and sizes — and abundance on Corpus Christi beaches. Sharks’ teeth are also popular finds.

Anytime of year is a good time to comb the beach for seashells and other treasures from the sea on the sands of Corpus Christi.

Sand dollars, seashells and even shark teeth all are common finds that wash up on the sands of Corpus Christi area beaches. For opportune results, immediately hit the beach after a heavy rain or wind storm.

If you’re hunting shark teeth, the Port Aransas South Jetty is especially renowned for its finds.

San Jose Island, which is only reachable by ferry, and Mustang Island State Park also are known for the tons of treasure you will find at your feet as you stroll the sand and the surf.


Perhaps the most sought after seashell on the beach is the sand dollar. The most common type of sand dollar, the Key Hole Sand Dollar, can be found on Texas Gulf Coast beaches. This sand dollar is linked to the story of Christ by the markings you can find on it. You’ll find a five-point star in the middle representing the Star of Bethlehem. The five holes in the sand dollar represent the nail holes that held Jesus to the cross, as well as the spear hole soldiers put in his side. Turn the sand dollar over to find the outline of the Christmas flower, the poinsettia. Break it open and out will fall small shards called the Doves of Peace because they resemble small birds.

It’s a moving story for a lovely find on the beach.

By the way, if you find a purple sand dollar, throw it back in the water. It’s still alive!

Article By Suzanne Freeman

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